Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot has some bad news for residents.

Roll up your sleeves, it’s going to be a particularly bad winter for the flu.

She says they have already ordered 200 thousand more units of the vaccine than last year.

They are keeping an eye on Australia and they are going through a bad season.

Locally, Erin Cowan, the Chief Nursing Officer, and Manager of Infectious Diseases for the Temiskaming Health unit, says they are getting ready now.

So when is the time to get that shot?

“In early October we get our first shipment of vaccines for high risk individuals, so those over the age of 65, those in hospitals and long term care homes, those with underlying health conditions, and pregnant women. We get our second shipment in mid October for the general public, and I would suggest everyone here tries to get their flu shot as early as possible. “

She adds they will again be setting up clinics around the area and will announce the dates and locations in a couple of months.