This is great news for people with loved ones in Ontario’s long term care facilities.

Starting today you will be able to visit again but there will be restrictions.

Last week the premier announced a cautious  restart to visitations in facilities not experiencing an outbreak.

Over half of the 626 facilities in the province have experienced an outbreak.

As of today residents can have one outdoor visitor per week, and it’s a single visitor.

The visitor will still have to have been COVID-19 free for 2 weeks and pass a symptoms check at the facility.

At retirement homes the rules will allow inside visits but the same protocols are in place.

Premier Ford said ” I know how hard this was on families, trust me, I know. I know the tremendous toll this has taken on families not being able to be by your loved ones side in their final moments is heart breaking”.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 1,636 deaths in Ontario’s long term care facilities.