Tired Of High Cell Phone Bills?


Everyone complains about how much they pay for cell service and the internet and the feds have heard your complaints.

There is a new directive to the CRTC to lower our bills with policies that promote real consumer choice.

Canadian company TekSavvy Solutions has worked with several other companies to come up with a web site that allows you send a letter directly to your MP.

The companies director of marketing Jeremy Mcarthy says it’s working.

” as it stands right now we are at about 65,000 letters have been sent to MP’s around the country and what’s interesting is we have hit every riding across Canada. So every MP has at least one letter from a constituent expressing, and outlining their dissatisfaction with the ever rising costs of internet and cellular phone bills”

This is the first day the proposal is open for public comment.

Learn more at paylesstoconnect.ca