Town officials in Kirkland Lake have released their own top 10 list.

The 10 worst roads in Kirkland Lake.

It comes from a 2014 report put out by the engineering and roads departments.

It was then updated based on infrastructure improvements.

The roads on the list either need resurfacing or construction.

1 Taylor Avenue from Woods St. to Park St.

2 McKelvie Ave. from Woods St. to Park St.

3 Harding Ave. from Summit Ave to Atkins Ave.

4 Park St. to King St. Poplar Ave.

5 Earle St. from Prince St. to Premier Ave. West.

6 King St. from Comfort St. to Lebel Ave.

7 Prince St. from West End to Earle St.

8. Poplar Ave from Park St. to Lebel Ave.

9 Tweedsmuir Ave. from ONR tracks Mcphee Ave .

10 Hudson Bay from Duncan Ave to Lebel Ave.