Rota Says Federal Budget Is Good News For The Riding


The Liberals tabled their long awaited budget Tuesday, and as you would expect in an election year there was something for everyone.

Nipissing-Temiskaming Liberal MP Anthony Rota.”If i had to pick say 4 items, ┬ánumber one would be where we are helping out with jobs, housing, seniors are taken care of, and now we are actually pushing forward with pharmacare which I think people have been waiting for”

He says for his particular riding it checks all the boxes.

“I see a lot of potential for the riding we will be getting the extra funding for infrastructure, and for our demographic it really work well.”

There are student loan interest cuts, senior skills training, assistance for millennial home buyers, as they tried to hit everyone.

However the deficit that was supposed to be heading in the other direction is going 19.8 billion next year.

Rota has confirmed he will be seeking re-election in October