Pain At The Pumps As The Carbon Tax Kicks In


If you are heading to the bank today you might want to take out a little more just to cover your living expenses.

 Today is the day the federal carbon tax kicks in for Ontario and the 3 other holdout provinces.

That means we will be paying more for things like gas, propane, and aviation fuel.

So it will cost your more to drive or fly.

The agriculture community is unhappy with the increased fuel costs.

Even though the fuel farmers use is exempt, the trucks coming to pick up the crops will have to pay more.

The federal government sees this as a way to protect the environment by taxing the activities that lead to pollution as a way to discourage emissions.

Premier Doug Ford has been a strong opponent calling it a job killing tax, and claims it could trigger a recession. 

He will have his day in court later this month.

But for now, the price of gas is going up 5 cents a litre today.