The North Bay Mattawa Conservation Authority is dealing with a $125,000 budget cut to flood mitigation programs.

Chair Chris Mayne says they’ll work within the current budget this year to try to find savings.

“Our overall budget is about $3.8 million, but the hazard and flood control management comes with an $815,000 envelope, and that’s where the $125,000 has been taken from, so the challenge is we have to find savings within that specific program.”

Mayne says services for source water management and flood control are also important issues.

“Source water protection, making sure drinking water quality meets or exceeds all provincila standards,” Mayne explains, “but at this time of year, flood control, flood prevention, monitoring moisture content in soil, snow load in the bush, river and lake conditions is an equally important thing we take as serious responsibility.”

The Ford government cut flood program funding by 50% to Conservation Authorities across the province last month.