All non essential travel between Canada and the US is now banned.

That was a mutual decision between the 2 federal governments and does not include trade so groceries and medical supplies will still be crossing in both directions.

But you can’t go shopping or taking a vacation.

Canadians abroad will be allowed back across.

Premier Doug Ford issued a statement agreeing with the move.

The feds also brought out an 82 billion dollar Covid 19 aid package.

That includes 27 Billion for workers and businesses and 55 Billion to help businesses and some individuals through tax deferrals.

The PM also announced a program to assist part time workers without any sick leave.

Its called the Emergency Leave Act.

Also a benefit for people who don’t have access to unemployment.

Canadian banks are offering homeowners a 6 month mortgage deferral.

The income tax deadline has been pushed back to June 1st.

Ontario is freezing eviction notices in the province, but no word how long that will last.

The LCBO is going with shorter hours, now from 11-6.